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Grant said at the time: "The New Moon on the 1st invites you to improve your domestic situation. If you've been looking for a place to live, this is the best time of the entire year to find one. Being able to walk to shops, restaurants and parks will help you feel connected to the outside world. This addition will cultivate a joyous atmosphere; greet them with open arms.

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It's possible your boss will quit unexpectedly, causing more responsibilities to be heaped onto your plate. The second New Moon on the 30th invites you to relax and enjoy sensual pleasures. You may well have either of these two planets located in the sign next to the Sun's sign, which would give you some of that sign's characteristics.

It is also possible the Moon or ascendant or other planets may be reinforcing that sign.

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The Sun's light is dramatic and definite! Except for the period when the Sun straddles the cusp, it is clearly in one sign or the other. A strological angles , the ascendant, midheaven, nadir, and descendant, are critical in delineating the natal chart, and when the ascendant, in particular, is on a cusp, it makes a real impact. The ascendant represents one's view of the world and of the self, a result of early environment and conditioning rather than the innate sense of self.

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When the ascendant is in the first or last degree of a sign, one's persona will include elements of both of the cusp. For example, Leo rising suggests an open, confident, and charismatic approach to life, whereas someone with an ascendant in the last degree of Leo or at zero degrees Virgo would be more shy and self-critical than a typical Leo rising person. The Sun's cusp period begins at 29 degrees and 30 minutes of one sign through to 0 degrees 30 minutes of the next.

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Uranus is also distant and mysterious. His routine is predictable and constant, and woe to the person who disrupts that persistence. Give her alternatives — creative hobbies, for example. Nov 1 , pm. Astro Guide.

To determine if you were born on the cusp, you need an accurate birth time and to have your natal chart calculated. Due to slight shifts in the Earth's rotation, the cusp's date varies slightly from year to year; there is no consistent date and time to rely on. To find out exactly where your natal Sun is located, there are a number of sites where you can have a chart calculated for free as long as you know your time of birth.


You can use a simple Sun sign calculator. The degree on the ascendant changes every four minutes so it is essential to have an accurate birth time to work from in order to determine your rising sign and whether it is on a cusp.

You can get your chart calculated online or consult a professional astrologer for a full chart interpretation. The day the Sun changes signs can vary from year to year because Earth's rotation produces slight variations in the cycle so horoscope cusp dates fluctuate a bit from year to year.

Your General Mood

If you were born on the following dates, your Sun may be on a cusp. Which side of the cusp is stronger will depend on where the Sun is relative to the zero point of the next sign. If your Sun is on the Pisces side of the cusp, you'll find that to dream isn't enough, you'll want to act on them. If your Sun is on the Aries side, then you are sensitive to others' emotional states and less certain of yourself. If your Sun is on the Aries side, your aggressive Aries nature is a bit more stable, you complete tasks more easily, and enjoy material comforts.

If your Sun is on the Taurus side, the bull is in a china shop; you can be accident prone, impulsive yet stubborn, and a bit of a bully. If your Sun is on the Taurus side, your stoic and practical Taurean nature is imbued with intellectual curiosity, and you enjoy conversations and company.

If your Sun is on the Gemini side, your quick mind will be more drawn to practical and earthy concerns, like learning how things work. The entire will prove to be a highly memorable year for your love and relationship matters according to the Cancer love horoscope Since you are an emotional person naturally, this year will bring in a change in your emotional attitude; you will become very positive about issues regarding your partner and will be more inclined to exercise your rights as per Cancer love horoscope.

source link The desire to get mutual satisfaction in your love relationship will be fulfilled. Your relationship will become more intimate, mentally and physically.

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Your love, affection, and trust will also become more intense. Generally, you prefer to give more and take less as per Virgo love horoscope. You are very dedicated, loving and caring when you get into a relationship.

February (Thursday): Birthday, Zodiac & Day Of Week

You live more for others and less for yourself. In , the period from January to April and after the second week of September will be positive for love and relationships in your life, as is seen in your Virgo love horoscope The year will be very pleasant for matters regarding love and relationships.

This period will prove to be highly favorable for lovebirds to confess their love, according to the Libra love horoscope Libras are known for their gentleness, show this quality in your relationship and will work wonders for you and your partner. You can keep anyone happy as per your Libra relationship horoscope Just make the right amount of efforts and our partner will fall head over heels for you every day.